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Teacher and Musician 

Abbi's pronouns are she/they and she identify as a butch lesbian. She is an English Teacher and in her spare time plays guitar and sings in a band, 'Ideal Husband'. She is interested in theory particularly postmodernism and marxism.


Abi Giles

NHS Scientist and Activist 

Abi is a Biomedical Scientist for the NHS. In her spare time she works as a Trustee for Sparkle, a trans charity and she is an activist for equality.  


Amy Telfer 

Art and Video Photographer

Amy is an Contemporary artist and is passionate about supporting her local communities in Chorlton and Manchester. She is a member of the Chorlton Arts Festival and an Assistant Arts Coordinator for the Royal Oak Community Centre. She is also a fan of Harry Potter, Disney, Anime and Gaming. 




Blessing is a Sixth Form student studying English Language, Media Studies, Psychology and History. She considers herself as a sociable person and loves reading fantasy novels. She is becoming more environmentally aware of people and hopes to work towards creating a better society to the one she grew up in. 


Georgie Marsh

English Student and Activist

Georgie is queer English student who has a keen interest in twentieth century queer literature and the evolving construction of the lesbian as an identity. 


Hannah Weiner

Writer, Performer, Activist 

Hannah is a member of the Oldham Coliseum Rep company, a Changmaker and Speaker at the Reclaim Project; plus an active volunteer at Big Issue North. She is based in Manchester and some highlights of her work include 'In Waves', a contact partnership publication.  




Jess is a trans woman and a Music Production student based in Manchester. In her free time she writes, produces and records music for her band, 'Ideal Husband'.   


Joss Areté Kelvin

Conceptual Multimedia Artist

Joss is an Avant-Pop Art Bender:

a Conceptual Multimedia artist and creative director obsessed with innovation in storytelling. They are particularly focused on the intersection between movement, mental health, and emerging technology experiences, whether in interactive live performance, virtual and augmented realities, or mobile and web applications.


Kitty Aurora 

Artist, Film & Theatre, Tarot Reader

Kitty is a queer Multifaceted Spiritual artist based in Greater Manchester, who uses her skills to help neurodivergent people create art that addresses mental health. She likes niche films, fashion and media. 


Matthew Needham

Writer, Director, Creative

Matthew is a queer Creative working across live & digital performance spaces. He creates work that is reflective of our times, challenges its audience & champions unheard voices. Matthew’s current areas of focus are on: Gender & Sexuality, Mental Health and Identity formation. He also enjoys photography, music and nurturing his house plant babies.




Moll is a non-binary Philosophy, Ethics and Religion student based in Manchester. They use they/them pronouns and identify as a lesbian. They are also polyamorous and are interested in activism, nature and kink.


Rose Pilling

Creative Writer, Cosplayer, Creator. 

Rose is passionate about entertaining people and speaks out strongly against discrimination and prejudice. She believes strongly in uniting people with comedy and laughter. She likes to spread joy with memes, cosplay and custom Lego content.


Ru Burroughs

Performer, Writer, Activist 

Ru is a queer Creative and a Performer. They are currently finishing their final year at Bristol University and be found tending their indoor jungle in their space time. 




Ruby is a lesbian Filmmaker and a student studying Film Studies and Art. Within her course she writes about intersectionality and theory. She also volunteers in activist projects. 


Ryan Barrett

History Student 

Ryan is a queer, bisexual and a History student at the University of Bristol. His interests include Doctor Who, left wing politics and getting extensions on coursework. 


Sue Frumin 

Writer, Performer, Teacher Artistic Director

Sue is a writer, performer and teacher of Drama who has written for television, screen and theatre. She is the Artistic Director for Sea-change Theatre, an LGBTQI performance company. She has performed five one-woman plays and performed nationally and internationally.


Williem Babrovskie

Politics Student

Willem is a gay man currently studying in Edinburgh. He is passionate about political activism and protests, especially surrounding LGBTQ+ issues, climate change and social equality.