Amy is a Manchester-based, Queer, Neurodiverse, Art and Video Photographer.


She is fascinated by the narrative of marginal identities and experiences across diverse forms of digital mixed media platforms. She manipulates images digitally till it is no longer a simplistic image but a small urban world of wonder. She explores taboo and surrealist themes and manipulates these elements digitally and physically within digital video art. 

Amy continues to support local communities in Manchester that need not only her photographic help, but a helping hand to aid the vulnerable in her city. She is passionate about providing arts access for all and is inspired by shared collaborative artistic processes to create positive change.

'Art for me can capture a fleeting moment, record precious memories and reflect intense emotions and feelings

Amy is currently a Group Development Trainee for Bury VCFA.

She is open to commissions and collaborative projects to explore new art mediums to provide art access for all.